Your Business Has An Unlisted Telephone Number??

No Internet surfer will scroll through thousands of results! Instead, they are going to pick from the links that are closer to the top of the search. So it would stand to reason that the Web sites that will do well on search engines are those that rank in the top 30, and better yet, the top 10, for the keyword phrases that have been selected for their 토토먹튀.

Search engine optimization is the way to go if you are looking to INCREASE TARGETED TRAFFIC to your site while complementing and improving your more traditional marketing and advertising efforts. Search engines work better for promoting your site for a number of reasons.A top search engine ranking often translates into hundreds and even thousands of new qualified visitors each month. It is reasonable to anticipate a steady stream of qualified traffic when your Web site achieves continuous top rankings on multiple search engines.

When an Internet surfer types a keyword into a search engine, they have already identified the product or service they need more information about. The search reflects a definite level of interest by a potential buyer.Search engines are the most important tools for locating companies and their products on the Internet. Over half of all Internet users search the Web every day, and searching is the second most popular Internet activity. (Email is # 1!)

While having a quality website with a good design and good content is key, it is not enough to get your site noticed by a search engine. There are many factors that can hurt your site’s search engine placement. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Search engines don’t notify you before they visit your site; they simply send the spider. If your server goes down or your web host is providing you with unreliable service this can have an impact on whether your site gets spidered or not. Imagine if the search engine spider came while you were experiencing downtime. Your web host should be able to provide you with information on their server downtime.

A trend in e-commerce today is to use programs like Cold Fusion to generate dynamic pages. These pages are generated based on a database containing information pertinent to the visitor’s particular interests. Webmasters love these types of pages because they don’t have to maintain them. The pages appear only in the visitor’s browser and then vanish when the visitor is done with them. Sounds nifty doesn’t it? The catch is that most search engine robots can only index static pages. If you want to generate traffic for your site, make sure you have pages the robots can read.

Another possible problem could be your IP address. You may share a web host and IP address with sites known for spamming. There are some search engines that block sites hosted by free website providers because of spam problems. If your web host also accepts adult-oriented web sites this can cause problems for you as well since Adult sites tend to be the worst spam offenders. If your web host provides hosting for adults sites their IP may be blocked, preventing your site from getting placement. Your web hosting company should be able to tell you if they host adult sites or not.

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