What You Should Know to Avoid a Painting Scam

In home improvement, scams do happen. get scam refund Homeowners may not want to believe it, but scams are not limited to Internet get rich quick schemes or pyramid schemes. They are a very real part of the home improvement and home contracting game.A painting scam can cost a homeowner a great deal of money, time and headaches

. Trying to avoid these untrustworthy contractors should be at the top of every homeowner’s list when they are looking to get professional work done. When painters flake out in the middle of a job, it will not only leave the homeowner frustrated, but will become a sore spot for the whole neighborhood. Having a house in the middle of the neighborhood that sits for days or weeks with a poor, unfinished paint job can aggravate even the neighbors.

Some contractors may run their own painting scam by making a good first impression only to flake out the day after. After dazzling their potential clients with extreme promises, they may show up for work the next day promptly at 8am and work through until 4 or 5pm. The homeowner may come home from work to see a terrific job, although not finished, and may feel satisfied with their hire. Their lawn may be clean and not littered with burger wrappers and soda cans that is common with so many construction or job sites.

However, the next day the contractors may not show up. The homeowner may leave for work thinking the crew is just running late, but upon coming home from work will discover that their trustworthy and friendly painting contractor has not shown up at all. The following day they may not show up again either.

This type of painting scam can be very frustrating. The homeowner does not know when to expect the contractor or what to expect if they ever come back. Most will eventually come back and finish the job, but it may take a week or possibly longer. Being left in limbo is never a pleasant experience. Not knowing what to expect can drive a homeowner crazy.

So it is important to recognize certain clues when hiring a home painting contractor. A homeowner may avoid being victim of a painting scam by knowing just who they are hiring. Do some research on the company first. Most will have a website with testimonials from past clients, while others may be blasted on scam blogs. Neighbors and the Internet may be the best sources of information when it comes to getting the inside scoop on house painting contractors

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