Steroids, The Poison Behind a God’s Body

All people from all cultures say that everything has a price. This price is sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger, but it is always there. The ones who focus on body-building also have to deal with these prices, regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs. When the nice reflection in the mirror is the result of many years of hard buy injectable steroids online with credit card, the price the man has to pay is often all about the time he spends in the gym looking to obtain those marvelous results. Of course, there may be some joint problems involved, too. However, this is when the muscles which are overdeveloped may lead to the conclusion that the effort was not worth it.

Nutritionists believe that the issue of steroids is very radical. Most of those who use steroids in order to get more muscular take the risk of being confronted with impotence, with lack of growth and they may also have more hair in different part of their bodies. Moreover, these chemical substances can lead to addiction and they can destabilize the immune system.

There are a lot of professional and amateur sportsmen who use steroids in order for their muscles to grow faster and more efficiently. The most frequently encountered complications a man can be faced with result in their testicles shrinking, in the number of their spermatozoa decreasing, in getting bald, in the development of the mammal glands, in prostate hypertrophy and not only. If one is administrated too many steroids, their body acknowledges that there is too much testosterone in their body, which leads to the reduction of the quantity of this hormone which is released by the body. Any tissue which is damaged in time is finally destroyed. As the testicles are the main organs which release testosterone in a healthy body, they simply don’t have anything left to do and they start shrinking, affecting the genesis of spermatozoa as well. As for the appearance of breasts with men, specialists claim that this effect appears because of the inhibition of the proper secretion of testosterone, but also because many of the steroids are converted to estrogen, which introduces more feminine traits in the body.

The side effects with these chemical substances sportsmen use in order to increase their performances don’t stop here. The ones who use these substances can also be confronted with fluctuations of their libido, with hepatic toxicity, with low blood pressure and with high levels of cholesterol, as well as with other similar disorders. These side effects can also appear with women. Their breasts can shrink, they can have hair in places where they didn’t use to have, their period can also be affected, as well as their libido and they can also have acne.

These synthetic drugs are very dangerous for kids and teenagers, too. They risk shutting down their growth tissues, which reduces their height and stops them from developing properly. When it comes to addiction, almost seventy per cent of those who use steroids are faced with this problem.

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