Football Betting Strategies – Are You a Punter to Win Or Lose?

Suggestions or advice in relation to Wap SBOBET88 betting can help you be a successful punter so that you can be a genius yourself when it comes to offering qualified football betting advice. Always bet with Value: “Value” is a time when you are of the view that the bookmakers’ odds would be set to a level where the likely reward outweighs the risk involved. For this, you would need to first ascertain the winning chance of a playing side and thereafter get the best decimal price for the bet. The last thing is to multiply the percentage chance of a possible win against the odds. It is important to remember that only a result, more than or equal to 1 would mean that you have a value!

Off the field events: Though not considered to be useful by many, off-the-field events like a manager being sacked, a player caught doping, a star player getting dropped, or a club performing under immense financial pressure, greatly influence a playing side’s performance. While some teams may be great to lift their performance during these testing times, some teams are termed as “chokers” for failing to repeat the act. You, as a punter, need to understand truth and inside-out of your favorite team.

Playing Team: If you are thinking about putting your money on a “lifeless team” (team with injured players, unfit captain or goalkeeper, or loss of key players due to national duty or shifting of loyalty) then you need to think twice. Play Safe until you have enough of money to lose: Before you place bet, do make sure that you have a good chance of winning it. In this regard, it is highly advisable NOT to place the bet until you have confirmed the facts and statistics to be sure that you have a considerable chance of winning.

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