Engagement Rings Insurance – How important is it?

An unique engagement rings is one of the jewelry you would probably wear all of the time. For such reason, it will be more possible for it to be vulnerable enough to accidents unlike other diamond jewelry on your jewelry collections. There maybe everyday circumstances and activities that may cause to destroy your lovely ring. Hence, the ring may get misplaced and will end up missing.

Considering the importance of your engagement ring, there are few good reasons why you should have an insurance for that very important thing your husband-to-be had given you beforehand. In doing some regular household chores, there’s a possibility that you may dislodge the dent setting of your engagement ring like unloading the bags of groceries from your car or even just throwing away the dishes. You may rub it to something which could loosen the setting.

If you’re a sports lover, it could be probably hit or nicked by a ball you are using like when you are playing tennis. On the other hand, though you take it off to avoid those things to happen on your engagement ring while doing some activities, still, it could lead for your ring to get misplaced or even lost it at all. It will not be a very far-fetched scenario that your engagement ring may also be sucked in by your vacuum or down the drain.

Though none of such situation may happen to us and very far from what you think might happen to your dazzling ring, still it would be better to take some cautions for there really real risks on wearing those diamond on your finger each single day. Why not consider insuring it?

To do it, check first with your renter’s insurance company, they can probably provide an add-on to your current policy at low cost. Always read the very fine print. Some policies require ring inspections and maintenance and certificates and documents. Some policies only cover you within 30 miles of home! Many only cover the “depreciated” worth of the ring, which is ridiculous.

Also consider whether you’re going to make an informed economic decision or an emotional one. Even if you lose the ring, an insurance policy will not get it back. Then again, you might feel panicky just at the thought of losing the ring and not being able to afford a replacement. Then on the third hand, think of how many engagement rings get lost versus the cost of the insurance over time. Also, and I hope you can forgive me, consider that the ring is just a material thing, and investing it with a lot of emotional baggage may not be healthy marriage-wise.

Remember to balance the risk and the cost or value of your ring to decide ensuring your engagement ring. It could be a very good choice because engagement ring weighs to much penny for it to just be damaged and useless later on. “Better safe than sorry”, right?

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