PlayStation 4, PC
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MAINFRAME ONE is a fast-paced action-platformer inspired by the NES Classics Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man. Speed and agility are at your fingertips in this throwback pumped full of tight gameplay, hyper-responsive controls and eye-popping visuals inspired by the greatest pop-culture films, music and literature from our time.


PC – Free
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Infinite Cosmos REDUX is a procedurally generated SHMUP rogue-like. REDUX’s entire development will be streamed from start to finish and the gaming community can get involved in the development from feedback to even creating their own enemies and bosses! The game will be playable through every stage of development from the very first crude version to the finished product and it will be free for everyone!



Android, WebGL – Free
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An endless space shooter rogue-like where you pilot your ship to destroy everything in the galaxy. Complete with several amazing hyper modes, ear-bleeding OST, killer pixel art, no ads and no IAP!