Founded in January 2014 by Jack Sipich, Absinthe Games is an independent game development studio located in Chicago, IL.


We are an incredibly small studio that maintains focus with surgical precision to craft tight experiences that cater to core gameplay mechanics which matter most to end-user enjoyment.


Make great games and expand on our experiences from each iteration and grow as a studio. Focus on one project at a time and never release it until it maintains the same level of excitement at launch as it did when it was just an idea. Maintain the core gameplay elements as the highest priority without sacrifice or substitution. Above all: do right by the consumer, always.

Jack Sipich

Public Relations, stuff with letters and numbers, thinks of things
Loves lightsabers

Daniel Lyons

@planckpixels, planckpixels.com
Plays with crayons, thinks of more things
Loves post-its